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In September 2011, at 28, Amy struggled to decide whether to continue her career working with children, or to go back to what she loved – performing and acting. So, she took a deep breath, and decided to marry the two! Glasshouse Mini was born…

Week one brought just one child… this didn’t stop her. Amy persevered, and by Christmas 2011 Glasshouse Mini had 20 children and proud parents came to watch their once shy children perform on stage.

With help from her mum, Sue, and other professional practitioners, Amy has continued to grow Glasshouse Mini and in April 2013, Amy decided to make another brave step and opened up three more venues in the area.

As a very shy child herself, Amy’s biggest motivation was to start something she would have benefited from herself as a child. “I have taught for other part time stage schools, and non of them quite do what Glasshouse Mini aims to do. The structure is very laid back and fun, and children feel safe, secure and happy. No one is forced to take part until they’re ready. We don’t spend weeks and weeks rehearsing the same show – children would only get bored. Instead we work from the children’s own ideas and develop them, meaning they take charge and ownership of their work – thus building their confidence, raising their self esteem, and most importantly, they have fun!”

Amy can’t believe how Glasshouse Mini has grown, and the support she has received from the children and their families.

“I really couldn’t ask for a better group of children and young people to work with. Parents have now become friends, and they often comment on how their children have grown and changed. Some have become calmer, and some more confident and open. It’s amazing to see such positive changes in such a short space of time. Glasshouse Mini now has such a warm, happy, community feel and this will stay as we continue to grow. I feel very lucky and privileged to be a part of it.”

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