What will my child gain from your classes?

Apart from having LOTS of fun, your child is guaranteed to make new friends, improve their communication skills, build their confidence and raise their self esteem.

No exams – why?

At Glasshouse Mini – we believe in Creative Drama, where the child take ownership of their work. This forcing them to use their imaginations and create new, original drama every week. We want children to learn whilst having fun and learning scripts/working towards exams is more pressure in their lives they don’t need.

My child is very shy. I don’t think s/he’ll enjoy it

Glasshouse Mini is for everyone! Children are not forced to take part until they’re ready. Minis are taught from day one to look after new members. Parents have commented that they have seen a massive change in their child in just a few weeks. Amy, herself, (believe it or not) was once a very shy child and wishes there was a Glasshouse Mini when she was little. Hence the reason for starting it up!

Do I stay with my child?

Absolutely not! We believe children can really relax and be themselves and get stuck in when parents/carers are not there. We encourage you to leave asap first session. Don’t worry – they will be fine and will love it. And if they don’t, we can always call you!
Relax, have a bath, get some sleep, do some shopping, grab a coffee and catch up. They’re in safe hands :)

How much is it?

Classes are £60 every half term (Some 6 weeks, some 7) paid by BACs
Alternatively you can set up a standing order of £30 per month.

Can I pay weekly?

Unfortunately not. Glasshouse Mini act on a ‘no cash’ rule to save time at beginning of sessions and for ease for both parents and staff.

What if my child doesn’t like it?

They will! But if not, first class is totally FREE so there’s no rush to make your mind up!

Who are your staff and are they DBS checked?

Super Sue and Amazing Amy are mother and daughter. They both now work as actors, presenters and voice over artists as well as running Minis. Both have worked as teachers in the past, and Amy has also worked as a nanny, in children’s homes, the fostering team and children’s services.

Magnificent Mairi (dance and music) is professionally trained in musical theatre and now also works as an actor.

Cool Cubby is a professional pianist and trained musician. We bring him in at show time to give us a polish!

All staff are DBS checked and there is always a member of staff on site who is First Aid trained

Amazing Amy last certified – October 2016

I have more questions…

Of course you do! Drop us an email at amazingamy@glasshousemini.co.uk or give us a call on 07983 420 058


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